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perfect skin code

Skin Care You Can Trust

Perfect Skin Code has formulated products that promote healthy skin care while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of beauty.  We have designed a skin care line that caters to the special needs of melanated skin. Our products enhance brightness, smoothness, elasticity and retention.  While combating wrinkles, discoloration and dark spots. We’ve made sure that our products are effective  yet gentle enough to work on every skin type.





Vitamin K, DCX & Arnica Eye Cream


Do you struggle to find an anti-aging cream that is effective and doesn’t irritate your skin? Our Bright Eyes is gentle and safe enough for every skin type – even extremely sensitive skin – to use. This cream will reduce puffiness, even skin tone and remove dark circles.  Reduce the signs of aging around the eyes.

Key Benefits: This product was created with the latest technology, A powerful solution for dark circles. This anti-fatigue cream brightens the eye area and lightens the look of darkness. It visibly de-puffs and reduces the appearance of fine lines, bags, and crow’s-feet.



Skin Care For Your Skin Code

It is important to understand the amount of melanin in your skin determines your skin tone and affects how your skin will react to sun damage and inflammation such as acne.  Using only the highest quality ingredients keeps your skin looking its very best. Our serums improve the appearance of dark marks (hyperpigmentation), and signs of aging. Skin care is an important way to keep ourselves first, every day.


What’s your true skin code?


Knowing your skin type is very important. Take our skin code quiz to figure out if your skin is oily, combination, dry, or sensitive.  Unlock the code to your clearest complexion yet! Get ready to glow like there’s no tomorrow.✨

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Huami Magazine St.Louis

“Confidence is not just a feeling it’s a look. Kimberly Brown, A Physicians Assistant (PA-C) Who specializes in dermatology understands the importance of having great skin and wants to share her talent and knowledge with everyone.”


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Laude News

“With a decade of experience in dermatology, Kimberly Brown, a physician’s assistant, understands the power of presentation – a perspective that’s inspired her to introduce a line of skin care products, Perfect Skin Code, to help people put their best face forward.”


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Voyage STL

I started Perfect Skin Code as a way to bridge the gap we often experience between wanting perfect skin and actually knowing how to get there. As Dermatology clinician, I talk to patients every day about skincare.