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2020…Your Best Skin Ever!

Jan 6, 2020 | Trending Topics

Great skin is not simply about DNA. Sure, it helps that your grandmother looks 50- but it’s your daily habits that have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. There are millions of products out there and all of them boast dramatic results. Not to mention the remedies your great aunt wants you to try. It can be confusing, and dare I say scary.

When designing your own skin care routine, there are several things to consider but the foundation includes these three steps.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Moisturizing

These three steps should be in every skin care routine. I tell my patients who are new to caring for the skin to keep it simple with these 3 easy steps. As they get to know their skin, they can start to add steps based on their individual needs.

Pro tip: Give it time. There is no such thing as an instant fix. Results are generally only seen with consistent use. I advise you to aim to use a product for 6 weeks (use it exactly as instructed) to notice a difference.

If you want to completely take the guess work out of skin care, schedule a consultation with me. During the visit, I will ask all about your specific concerns and your current regimen. this will help me come up with a plan that includes product recommendations that you can purchase on your own. (I will not sell you anything!) With a well-planned routine, you will reach your 2020 skin care goals before they put the Valentine Day décor up!

Here’s to your perfect skin!

Creator & CEO of Perfect Skin Code

Photo of Perfect Skin Code owner Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown

Perfect Skin Code was created by Kimberly Brown, a Physician Assistant in Dermatology, when she decided to create products for her patients who had trouble finding effective yet gentle skin care products.

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