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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using A Toner

Sep 16, 2019 | Skin Care in Your Thirties and Up

Are you piling on makeup to hide acne and oil problems?

There may be one thing standing between you and perfect skin. Toner. Keep reading to see why you need a toner in your life! <

1. It will shrink your pores.
Applying a toner after cleansing will remove debris from your pores which makes them look smaller.

2. Balances skin pH.
Our skin is naturally acidic. It is typically between 5-6 on a scale from 0-14. Sometimes that balance is off after cleansing with soaps (which can be alkaline). This shift causes your skin to work overtime trying to correct which can mean more oil production. Using a toner can quickly restore the balance without making your skin do the work.

3. It adds a layer of protection.
Toners can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing. This reduces the penetration of impurites and environmental contaminants. It can even remove chlorine and minerals that you deposit on your skin by washing with tap water.

4. It can moisturize.
Some toners are humectants . This means they help bind moisture to skin. (check the label)

5. It can prevent in grown hairs.
Find a toner with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) such as glycolic acid to help prevent ingrown hairs.

There are many toners out there. Read the labels and choose once that is directed towards your skin care needs. I would advise that you avoid toners with alcohols.

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Here’s to your perfect skin!

Creator & CEO of Perfect Skin Code

Photo of Perfect Skin Code owner Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown

Perfect Skin Code was created by Kimberly Brown, a Physician Assistant in Dermatology, when she decided to create products for her patients who had trouble finding effective yet gentle skin care products.

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