Fall Transitioning Skin Care

Sep 8, 2020 | Skin Care

Can you believe it is September? Pretty soon, we will pack up our shorts and pull out our cozy sweaters. As we transition to cooler weather, it is time to think about changing our skin care routine.

In case you didn’t know, I like to keep it simple when it comes to my skin care routine. Consistency and targeted products pack more punch than throwing the kitchen sink at our skin.

This philosophy makes making the change from summer to fall skin care pretty easy.

Try a thicker moisturizer
While I keep it light during the summer, I recommend a heavy cream made with ceramides, which are the “essential and healthy fatty acids that occur naturally in the skin but need to be replenished during the colder months. My top pick is CeraVe moisturizing cream which is also packed with moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid.

Cut back on exfoliating
The cooler weather means less humidity which can dry out skin. Frequent physical or chemical exfoliation can cause more irritation. I reduce the use of my retinol serum during the winter and I transition to using a glycolic acid toner nightly instead.

Take a pill
I rarely advise supplements or vitamins for skin. I generally think having a healthy balanced diet is all that we need. However, the skin antioxidants can literally be depleted by all of the summer environmental exposure for some people so it may be helpful to take antioxidant-rich supplements like Aethern.

Invest in a humidifier
As soon as you crank on the heat, it is time to turn on the humidifier. The dry air blowing into your vents will affect the moisture in your skin. Replace that lost moisture by using this cheap, small appliance in your room.

Dermatology PA and creator of Perfect Skin Code.

Photo of Perfect Skin Code owner Kimberly Brown
Kimberly Brown

Perfect Skin Code was created by Kimberly Brown, a Physician Assistant in Dermatology, when she decided to create products for her patients who had trouble finding effective yet gentle skin care products.

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