Just Say NO! 5 skin trends you should skip.

Jul 6, 2020 | Skin Care

When it comes to skin care, there is always a new trend.  However, trendy and “Instagramable “does not always equal effective or safe.  And just because it worked for one person, does not mean it will work for you.  You may have tried some of the following and loved it. Good for you!  I personally have seen so many bad outcomes with the ones mentioned here that I just don’t think it is worth the risk. 


1. Cosmetic procedures 

I will start by saying I am not against cosmetic procedures. I have had a few in office procedures myself.  I am against doing them without research.  My most recent sad complication was a 19 y/o young woman who decided to have the popular “butt injections”. The only research she did was asking a friend if she liked her results. Well, the end result was so much glue in her muscles that she had to have radical surgery. Thankfully, all she lost was her buttocks muscles. She could have lost her life. Find out the qualifications of the person doing the procedure.  Are they licensed? Ask about their complication rates. Do they have before and after photos of their actual clients? (If they are offended by this question that is a red flag)   And do you really want to risk a bad outcome just to save a few dollars? 


2. DYI skin care

It’s tempting to save money by doing treatments at home. And COVID quarantine makes it even more tempting.  You may have even done your research – hello google.  These at home concoctions often do more harm than good. I am seeing people with terrible burns and rashes. This is especially devastating for darker skin tones since this skin type tends to scar or leave discoloration.  Even if the home concoction contains natural ingredients, the combination or concentration in the home made mix might cause burning or irritation.  


3. Peel off masks

I too am fascinated and entertained when watching a video of people peeling off one of these masks.  It is like watching a train wreck. You know it is going to end badly, you just can’t look away.   These masks often remove the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and fine facial hair which is why they are painful to remove. What do you think they contain that makes them stick? Many of these masks contain irritants like dyes and alcohol.  Besides, there is no reliable research that says these actually serve a function other than gaining social media attention. 

4. Facial Brushes

Skin brushes are often overused which results in irritation. In addition, they are very hard to keep clean since they are stored in the bathroom and stay moist. It is a breeding ground for bacteria. In general, all you need is a good cleanser, your hands, and a little time to adequately clean your face. No “elbow grease” necessary! Most people don’t wash their face long enough. You need a good minute to effectively remove makeup, dirt, and oil from your face.  If you really want to use a tool, I suggest a silicone facial brush. They have antibacterial properties and are a lot gentler. 


5. Coconut oil 

“Gasp” Yes, I said coconut oil.  Hear me out.  Coconut oil has some great properties and it tastes good too!  But it is too alkaline for your face. 

pH is a measure of acid-base strength on a scale from 0-14. Pure natural water is right in the middle with a neutral pH of 7.

On one end are acidic substances (pH from 0-6) and the other end are basic (or alkaline) substances (pH of 8-14).

This increased pH irritates the skin, thinning its protective outer layer known as the stratum corneum and disrupts the delicate microbiome. 

With that said coconut oil has a pH of 7-8. If healthy skin’s natural pH is around 5, it means that coconut oil is 100-1,000 times more alkaline than your skin.

It is also 90% saturated fat and the molecules are large. So it just sits on top of the skin which can clog your pores. 

If you love coconut oil, by all means, keep using it. Just save it for your body and your skillet.  And make sure you get pure, organic coconut oil.  

If you want advice about skin care products and treatments that are science based, effective, and affordable, schedule a 20 min video consultation with me. I would love to discuss your skin care concerns, current routine, and ways I can help you unlock the code to perfect skin! 

Creator & CEO of Perfect Skin Code
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Kimberly Brown

Perfect Skin Code was created by Kimberly Brown, a Physician Assistant in Dermatology, when she decided to create products for her patients who had trouble finding effective yet gentle skin care products.

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