Using Vitamin C Serum In Your Skin Care Routine

Mar 8, 2021 | Skin Care

Vitamin C provides multiple benefits in our skin care routine. From brightening dark spots to protecting against UV damage and free radicals, it is really a must-have.

However, there are some things you should know before starting.

  1. Use Vitamin C serum in the morning. 
    That is not a fast and dirty rule, but you will get more benefit from them in the morning because that is when UV exposure is more likely.  Just be sure to let it absorb before heading out the door and don’t forget your sunscreen!
  2. Use it at the correct time in your routine
    Our Vitamin C serum is light. It should be used on a freshly washed face before you apply your other products.
  3. Use the right concentration of Vitamin C for your skin type.
    I would love to say our Vitamin C serum is for everyone but we have a higher concentration (15%) which may be irritating for very dry types or sensitive skin types. I would suggest you try a lower concentration first then come back to ours, after adjusting your skin care routine, which gives your skin time to adjust to the Vitamin C.
  4. You can use Vitamin C with Retinol but be cautious 
    Using them in the same part of your skin care routine can be irritating. I suggest using Vitamin C in the morning and your retinol at night. If you use benzoyl peroxide, the same applies. (use them at different times)
  5. Check the color 
    Over time, your vitamin C may change from a light straw color to a yellow/brown hue. That means it has become oxidized from exposure to air. You can still use it if you want, but it is less effective in your skin care routine.


If you are not sure if our Brighter Day Vitamin C, B, E with Ferulic acid is right for you, try our minis!


Dermatology PA and creator of Perfect Skin Code.


Vitamin C Serum Skin Care

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Perfect Skin Code was created by Kimberly Brown, a Physician Assistant in Dermatology, when she decided to create products for her patients who had trouble finding effective yet gentle skin care products.

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